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It’s time to rock the party with your striking looks. Astonish individuals with your trendy look in prom. Prom is about getting new clothes, uploading new styles, dancing, enjoyment and time in which you can live your life according to your style. This is a time for high school prom, towel your hairs and be ready. Are you jumbled? That what type of dress you can apparel in prom? Suit or Tuxedo? Chill, take a deep breath!! You know what in prom there are two kinds of people, one think that prom is very exciting, they are very curios to attend the prom and another one always thinking and thinking before prom that what they can wear and I believe that you are send one. Am I right? I am guaranteed that after reading this interesting blog your all type muddle will end.

Perfect Wearer for A Prom: Semi-formal Look

Tuxedo is the best choice for a prom because casually in weddings or parties we used to wear decent suits but in prom, we should look for something unique and different. What you want a perfect striking look? Then try striking tuxedo. I have explained some useful features of Tuxedo Hope so you will like it.


Black satin looks very striking and a perfect choice for prom. You can wear peak or shawl any lapel you want, but the black color is compulsory. For a sharper look, I recommend you to wear boutonniere flower but validate that there should be a working buttonhole over it.


Wear matching black colored trouser as same as a jacket. Ask your tailors to used satin down outside of each trouser leg. Suspenders will look trendier and easily tuck your trousers then the belt.


Attire white placket (vertical band in the Centre where the sides join) shirt and use studs then buttons. Use French style cuffs and collar should be pointed as you see in most shirts but if you are looking for unique striking collar then try wing collar shirts.



Individuals usually wear clip tie to save their time, but I recommend you to take five minutes and learn how to tie yourself rather using clip one. Wearing tie is as easy as tying shoes so don’t worry just chill and find out how to wear a tie.



Rent formal pumps for your outfit but I advise if you have a pair of black shoes at your home then try this rather than pumps. Because wearing new shoes on prom night will not make you feel easy and you can freely enjoy the party.

Waist or Cummerbund

It’s up to you that you can also wear waist or cummerbund, both will make you feel flexible and stylish, but rarely individuals wear waistcoat that’s why I recommend you to try cummerbund in prom because unique things always attract individuals. But if you are wearing waist then stick to black rather than other colors. Or if you trying unique, stylish cummerbund then wear sober colors, bright color will make your looks terrible.


Select your shirt cufflinks and studs from some choices that they should match the shirt such as black and gold cufflinks with black studs. Never use gold and silver in one outfit.

Bow tie or Neck Tie?

Both options is perfect for prom but if you searching for the best one then here are some options:

Neck Ties

When we talk about long ties, it does not give a much formal look, and you all know that prom is also not a formal event too. Mainly in proms you get a chance to try long ties, because bow ties are perfect to wear in weddings, occasions that’s why I prefer you to avail this opportunity and look unique and stylish. But the drawback of long ties is that when we attire long ties with a tuxedo, it changes it form from tuxedo to suit.

Bow Ties

To accompany tuxedo we chiefly chose bow tie, it gives appealing looks than long ties because when we attire long ties with a tuxedo, it sounds like a suit. Bow ties seek the attention of individuals towards you and will give you attractive looks. It gives a traditional look and a perfect choice for prom.

Choose To Attire Fit Tuxedo


Do you think that what do I mean by a fit tuxedo? Well! The fit is comparatively a proper rental wear within past two years individuals mainly choose to wear the appropriate suit. When we talk about fit suit, first questions come in mind that what will be the size of a suit. If you get the right size then reflect the fitting of other outfits


Cut garments fit every kind of person, but it doesn’t give you a perfect fitted look.


Cut clothes are shapelier but will not embrace you too tightly and not fitted correctly


Cut is an excellent option all guys who want a fitted look, it hugs you closely and makes you feel secure and flexible. This is a preferable option according to my opinion.

How You Can Choose A Perfect Tuxedo For Prom

When Choosing a Fit Suit

Shirt and Jacket


The fit is the most important aspect, like if you are wearing the shirt it must touch your body, not too tight but make you feel easy. Shoulders should match with your shoulders; cuffs should be perfect, and everything should be according to your size as same as a jacket that the jacket should be as long ample that it shield your tush. And shirt should not carry pockets if it then it will look like a practical work.



Wear pant at the natural waist not lower and not so higher but at the right side and pant should not have more than one pleat.



We see many times that teens face trouble in finding a suit off right size sometimes they get shorter sleeves sometimes too much time sleeves. Main Eshoo comes in fitting when they see the dress it looks than it is perfectly fitted but when they attire it at home, it looks very loose and sometimes much fitted, but I advise you to buy a free outfit because tailors can adjust loose dress.

When Choosing A Color


For a classic fascinating look go with white or black colored shirt. But if you are not going to a black tie event not to worry try some other colors like gray, navy or khaki colored suit. These colors also give you an attractive, classy looks. If you want to be more colorful, you can. Like if you are donning purple, red, green colored suit so try to keep other pieces neutral. Are you confused that what colors are neutral? They are black, white, beige, khaki, and they go with anyone

Choosing Accessories


Rule no one is that while choosing accessories you need to be impartial to your body. If you are a bigger frame dude, then go for bigger accessories, if you are a slender guy try small accessories and if not a slender or dude but a medium then works with medium size accessories. If you wear accessories that are not proportionate with your body than it looks so misappropriate, and you will seem like a stranger, and it will spoil your overall confidence. Try to look for those accessories which look perfect on you, not so weird but straightforward and decent.

Some Interesting Tips about Prom

Go With A Group


If I share my experience about prom then I advise you to go with a group of friends you will feel very comfortable with them, you can dance you them enjoy every moment with them don’t worry if your buddies go with someone else, no matter you can join another group of friends. But questions comes that why people will allow you to join their team. If you wear classy clothes, then people will attract, and they try to accompany with you because your clothes always speak your personality.

Go With Corsage

The corsage is a type of flowers which a girl wear in his hands but it’s a duty of a boy to buy these flowers and handover to his girl and girl has to come with a boutonniere and give to his boy. Corsage should match the color of your girl dress; you should ask her that what color of dress she is wearing or what color of flowers she like the most. Are you thinking that what color of flowers will look good in prom? Well! According to my side, I think the red color of flowers is perfect, I recommend you to ask your mom to go into a flower shop and buy an attractive flower because a girl only understands another girl’s choice.

Create Reservations For Blowout


Approximately high schools bid dinner itself but not all schools. If your school is not offering than make a plan to go somewhere or order something after dancing or enjoying the party. Find a suitable place that where you want to go according to my experience all group of friends that that anyone itself will take responsibility even you will also think that someone will arrange a suitable place. Choosing an ideal location for a large group is very fiddly because everyone has a different kind of taste at that time confusion begins but I advice to choose that place that offers all kind of foods vegetarian, non-vegetarian so your friends can order according to theirs. Or you can go with the majority. And choose a restaurant that has a nice ambiance because prom should be very special you are attiring new fascinating clothes so should pick a place that is close to the prom and your outfit looks perfect at that location. I recommend you to reverse hotel earlier so you will not face this problem anymore.

Go With Stylish Haircut And Shave

Girls mainly come with new elegant styles they maintain themselves so why not boys should beat them in fashion? Boys should go with a perfect straight shave and visit the barber shop for a new and a perfect haircut. Go with your buddies and find a barber shop that offers new styles of haircuts and a straight shave razor.

Get Ready

Don’t waste your time start getting ready an hour before the prom. Take shower put on tuxedo, comb your new hairstyles and carry your accessories and passes and start your car, don’t carry umbrella even it’s raining, because prom with rain ohm!! What a delightful night, in love with this night!

Final Words

Hope so that you’re all worries come to its end after reading this interesting blogs. Prom is golden chance for you to live one day with your buddies, make new friends, and rock the dance floor. Individuals always first check your clothes, according to me you should attire a perfect black tuxedo as I had mentioned above, because tuxedo is more attractive than a three piece suit. Go with classic new haircuts and striking accessories that match with your elegant looks and if you don’t want to wear black, then you can also try neutral colors it will also look good.

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