5 Sexy Ways To Make Your Jasmine Costume


A Princess will rarely get the chance to spend most of her time outside her palace with a friend. When Jasmine first stepped outside of her palace to see the world beyond the walls with her best pal Raja, she found the love of her life Aladdin who first becomes her friends, and later they fall in love. 90’s kids are crazy and fell in love with the love story of these too. The craze got high when many couples try to cosplay them and to portray their love for each other. Here is Princess Jasmine costume for adults and kids and the items required for your DIY Princess Jasmine Costumes. Wear Princess Jasmine cosplay and be the best couple of the evening.

Sexy Princess Jasmine Costumes Adult
Sexy Princess Jasmine Costume  (Product Page)

The first thing which you need for your Jasmine outfit is the Princess Jasmine dress. This blue colored adult Jasmine costume is made up of high-quality material which is a complacent as well. This dress is famously known as Arabian Nights suit that includes harem pants with matching princess jasmine top DIY and scarf. This dress is available at Amazon for very low price. You can wear Princess Jasmine earrings on Jasmine costume top.

Princess Jasmine Wig
Princess Jasmine Wig (Product Page)

Another thing which you need to complete your Jasmine costume DIY is the Jasmine Wigs. If you have curly hairs or brown or any other than black colored hairs, then you can go for Jasmine cosplay wig. This Jasmine costume wig is the one which would save your hairs from dye and all the unnecessary chemicals as well. This DIY Jasmine costume would not harm your skin at all. You can wear this Jasmine DIY costume wig on her cosplay parties and Halloween as well. You can also wear it on your daily outfit as well.

Princess Jasmine Shoes for Adults
Jasmine Shoes (Product Page)

The last which you need to complete your Princess Jasmine costume adult are Princess Jasmine costume shoes. This pair of shoes are designed with same color and attraction; it’s available on Amazon in different sizes for adults and kids to enjoy. These Princess Jasmine shoes for adults are well designed for your ease and are long lasting life so you can cosplay and wear them as much as you can. Wear Princess Jasmine outfit shoes on cosplay parties, Halloween and casual days as well.

Jasmine Costume for Kids Shoes
Kids Shoes (Product Page)

These are the exact pumps of Princess that are available for adults. The design of the shoes is safe, reliable and flexible like the adult one. Just prepare to be like Jasmine by wearing Princess Jasmine dresses.

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