Gamers Guide to Leon Kennedy Resident Evil Costume


I am sure we all are aware from Resident Evil as it is a very famous and popular game and movie. We all have played or watched at least one part of this game or movie. The video game version is more loved and appreciated by teenagers, and that’s the reason we make this costume guide for all of you who are crazy about “Resident Evil.”

Moreover, there are six main characters in this game. You can choose any of them for your cosplay or Halloween party, but we have collected the outfits of one of the most beloved characters “Leon S. Kennedy.” At the beginning of a game, Leon plays the role of US special agent and then become a D.S.O. A huge number of teenagers wish to dress up like him and impress the people around them, but they don’t have a proper idea that what things are necessary to be like Leon S. Kennedy. Don’t be sad we have a solution for you just follow this guide and make your Leon attire by yourself. Let’s begin!

Putt on Leon Kennedy Jacket

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\Boys, hold down your breath! As here we come up with the perfect replica of Leon’ jacket. The jacket is the major element of your costume, and it is valuable only when you get the best thing. This jacket is made up of premium quality fabric with an excellent stitching. It is perfect for all the game lover boys. Best for any costume parties or if you want to dress up like Leon in coming Halloween then this jacket work perfectly. Have this jacket and show your style.

Layer Grey T-Shirt

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qAfter having a jacket, you will need the stylish shirt that gives you dashing look. This shirt is similar to Lean Shirt which he wore in Resident Evil 6. It is made up of very light and finest quality of fabric with excellent stitching.

Get Black Skinny Pants

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These fine-looking pants have the ability to make you handsome and gorgeous. This is a perfect match of Leon’s costume that you wish to have in your wardrobe for costume parties or Halloween.

Carry Resident Evil Gun Prop

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With the above items you think that your Leon costume has been completed, but wait guys! Without this Leon-Gun, your attire will be incomplete and don’t ever thing to present yourself as Leon S. Kennedy without having this gun. So have this weapon with rest of the item and impress everyone.

Pick High Leather Boots

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To look more gorgeous and become a shadow of the Leon S. Kennedy you need shoes that match his Resident Evil costume. We recommend you these shoes which are made for cosplay and regular wear also; you can walk miles in these shoes without feeling any pain in your feet as is the quality and comfort of these shoes.

Teenagers highly demand Leon outfit. His attractive and cool looking costume captured the heart of more than thousand fans all around the world to copy his style for any special gatherings. With the help of this guide, you can easily make your own Leon attire and be like him. Please don’t forget to share your valuable comments about this guide. Good Luck!



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