How to Make Death Stroke Costume: DIY Cosplay Guide



Ever heard about Deathstroke? He is one of the iconic supervillain of American Comic book. Many of us grew up on watching him in Teen Titans. Deathstroke is considered as the greatest assassin of all time. From his evil looking mask to tactical suit , Slade Joseph Wilson a.k.a Deathstroke cosplay costume is red hot pick in Halloween for many years. If you are a comic lover then you must know this supervillain has been cast against the superheroes such as Arrow and Batman and now he is coming on a big screen in the film Justice League 2017. Deathstroke would also be appearing in another movie named The Batman.

Moreover, He is a harsh, cunning and unbeatable soldier and his costume is one of the scariest of all villains. If you want to wear the villainous attire in coming Halloween or any other cosplay then Deathstroke is a perfect choice. You can look for Amber Beard Mera Costume if you are exploring the costumes of top Justice League characters. Well In this Deathstroke costume tutorial we’ll cover the detail information on what things you need to dress up like him. Have a look!

Deathstroke Costume Mask

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Mask is one of the important parts of Villain of superhero apparel. Deathstroke has a terrifying mask of all time. This mask has one-eyed, it seems pretty similar to Will Smith Deadshot costume mask he wore recently in Suicide Squad film. It has made up of two different colors with high-quality material. Wear this mask and show your Deathstroke style this Halloween.

Slade Joseph Wilson Body Armor

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If you want to impersonate like super villain then you must need this body shield. You have noticed that Deathstroke wear this armor as he was also a former soldier. It has been made up of finest fabric which makes the apparel stretchable. The body armor can be worn not only for Cosplay or Halloween parties but also while they ride a bike.

Death Stroke Gloves

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These bomber gloves are similar to the Deathstroke sporting gloves. They are ideal as the part of supervillain costume, but bikers would also love these gloves as it will provide better grip and protection.

Slade Joseph Wilson Black Pants

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Pants which is the best for the Deathstroke costume. This trouser having enough pockets, so you can keep your stuff in them. Perfect for costume or Halloween parties, in-fact you can also wear on casual outings too.

Black Swat Belt

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If you want to look exactly like Deathstroke then have this belt with rest of your attire. This swat belt will hold your pant comfortably, you can also put your small item in various pouches which come along with it. Wear it to have the look and feel of the villain.

Death Stroke Jungle Boots

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Boots tend to make a person comfortable while performing multiple actions. These shoes are made up of premium quality material having rubber sole. Walking and running will be very comfortable with them while they can be fastened with laces.

And here this blog come to an end, we have cover almost every item which is necessary to look like Deathstroke. With the help of this guide you can make your own costume and make your theme parties memorable. Kindly share your comments with us below. Good Luck!

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