6 Steps to Get the Killing Looks of John Wick


It’s very hard to Watch John Wick’s two action-packed installments and do not get impressed with his snappy dressing style. Besides an expert killer, Wick is also a sharp dresser, who haven’t disappointed the viewers both regarding action and style. Keanu Reeves portrays hitman role perfectly as he transforms his brutal appearance into the instances of Sartorial Style by donning a dapper black suit.

Just like fleming’s superspy James Bond, and IMF secret agent Ethan Hunt John Wick spotted jumping, fighting, and killing around while donning a suit. The newly released installment of John Wick franchise is exploding the cinemas World Wide, we though it’s a very good time to create a style guide that will help you to get the looks of your favorite assassin.

01 – Get Signature John Wick Suit

Buy Keanu Reeves John Wick Suit

This tactical black suit is undoubtedly a foundation of John Wick costume, as highlighted above Keanu Reeves did a great job to portray brutal hitman character yet looked professional and handsome in his perfectly tailored suit, as seen in one of the movie posters. Just like its predecessor movie John spotted wearing dark gray and black suit featuring the exact details. This elegant John Wick suit comprising notch collar (with the graceful buttonhole on the left lapel) that rolled nicely towards the two-button fastening jacket.One welt, two flapped and two inside pockets. Dual vented jacket allows easy access to his gun holster on the back.The four button on the cuffs is made with the similar plastic material that is used for the construction of front fastening buttons. John Wick suit has contemporary roped sleeve head and natural shoulders. The slim fit trousers have a low-rise, but enough to cover his Keanu’s waistline nicely. Straight cuffs were giving half trouser break.

02 – Slim Fit Dress Shirt (Dark Grey or White)

White Dress Shirt

Keanu Reeves had worn two similarly styles, but different color shirts. He spotted wearing metallic dark gray shirts in the official poster of John Wich Chapter 02 with three piece suit, but in some parts of the movie, he also wore a white shirt. This Keanu Reeves shirt features French cuffs, two rear darts, and spread collar. Well, that’s quite easy to imitate the look. A black suit and white shirt is a traditional uniform for the killers and assassin like John Wick.

03 – Grey Silk Necktie: To Add More Shades of Grey

Black Silk Tie

Wick showed the true shades of gray as he looked handsome donning gray three-piece suit, with a metallic gray shirt and solid gray silk tie.

04 – Brown John Wick Leather Jacket For Casual Wear

John Wick Leather Jacket

Obviously not inspired from the second installment, but still a good option if you are a fan of leather jackets. Keanu Reeves had worn this brown John Wick leather jacket in the movie to show his casual side apart from a dapper three-piece suit. He putt a white shirt, denim jeans, black chukka boots to compliment his overall appearance. This brown leather jacket features little broad shirt style collar, YKK zipped fastening closure, open hem cuffs, and two waist pockets.

05 – The John Wick Guns: Perfect Hitman Companion 

John Wick Gun firarm

Both installments of John Wick franchise were a great source of entertainment not only for action movie lovers and cosplayers. But also for the die-heart fans of firearm lovers. The first official movie poster features different firearms including Colt M1911, Remington 870, a Heckler & Koch P30L, and two Beretta 90Twos. Keene also carried Glock 17s and Kimber 1911 during the final moments of the film.

06 – Prefer Black Accessories

John Wick Firearm accessories Merchandsie

John Wick showed his preference for the back color as he had worn black cotton socks with black shoes. Black nd sliver squared cufflinks, black leather holster, and belt.

Thanks for bearing with us, if you want to add or suggest something then please do share in the comments below freely. Just one question, where you rank John Wick style in the lights of other action-movie characters including Bond, Ethan, Bourne, or Kingsmen? Do let us know your thoughts 🙂

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  1. Ken Burke says:

    John Wick is a classic case of an anti-hero. He is an assassin and, by his very nature, a bad guy. He does not come across as a bad guy, though. He will kill not out of malice, rather out of duty. He had gone so far as to turn his back on the assassin lifestyle, and only returns when circumstances beyond his control force him to do so.

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