Top 10 Suit Fabrics Patterns You Should Know – Mens Suit Patterns Guide

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A famous saying is that the suit makes the man, but have you ever wondered what makes the suit looks good? The pattern of an attire plays an essential role in reviving your looks and showcase your traditional appearance. A well-patterned suit is a staple of a man’s closet, but most of the guys just see quite of few them and run for the hills right away! Patterns suit only look good when used properly. Before picking up any suit patterns you should know how to nail it and which one is appropriate for a particular occasion. After a decent intro about a suit pattern it’s a time to discuss some of the common and some not very common suit patterns, so you can spice up your suit a bit next time!

Before hitting the countdown of mens best suit patterns, just one thing, if you find even a single line of this guide informative then don’t forget to share it and mention your suggestions below because “The knowledge increases by sharing not by saving”

Mens Striped Suits


As the name suggests the striped suits are those features stripes that are always vertical, it comes in few different styles including Pinstripe. Chalk stripe, track-stripes and self-stripe. The pinstripe is most familiar and common to men. Pinstripe suit includes a narrow and closely linked stripes pattern that comes in white color usually, but can also be found in grey and blue, especially with the solid colors suit.

Mens Pinstripe Suit


Pinstripe suit is the most common type of pattern that works fine for almost every occasion especially if you are going with the traditional colors; blue pinstripe suit or black pinstripe suit can showcase a perfect look to your persona. Pinstripe suit can make a bold statement if you know how to carry it with perfection. It’s a good option that works for almost every individual, but we can’t overlook the common knowledge that it is more preferred by the shorter guys since it gives an illusion of height due to the vertical stripes pattern, but there isn’t any hard and fast rule. If you like it, just go and wear, if you don’t, then leave it for somebody else. As simple! If you are looking to get a classic vintage look, then you can either go with double breasted pinstripe suit or attire 3 piece pinstripe suit.  You can also carry patterned accessories with it, going with plaid shirt pinstripe suit is one of its examples.

Chalk Stripe Suit


Chalk stripe is the second most familiar striped suit pattern. It looks very much similar to the pinstripe pattern, if someone looks it from a distance, then it’s hard to determine the difference. The major dissimilarities between these two patterns are that chalk stripe suit is made up of multiple threads and has wider distance among stripes.  It also gives more height to the wearer due to its illusionary vertical stripes effect. Chalk stripe is a vintage suit style option for the gentlemen. Just in case if you are looking for color combination ideas of this pattern, you can try wearing navy chalk stripe suit, the black chalk stripe suit, double breasted chalk stripe suit are also good.

Mens Check Suit


Vintage patternes like checkered suits are on its revival with new school treatments (thanks to some fashion-forward guys). Well if you know how to pull off a check suit then certainly no one can stop you from being a trendsetter. Just opposite to the stripes pattern, the checks are horizontal lines that create different style checks named as plaid, glen check, and Windowpane. We’ll be discussing each of them in detail below.

Prince of Wales Check Suit


Commonly knows as prince of wales, Glen Urquhart check, Glen Plaid suit. It is a pattern that contains both horizontal and vertical stripes that give a wider checked boxes when the stripes look together as a unit. Glen check suit is one of the best attire for semi-formal occasions. You can play safe by donning it with a solid color shirt, but if you are seeking for a unique appearance then try wearing check suit with a light color striped shirt and patterned tie. The primary two color variations of check suit are grey glen plaid suit and blue glen plaid suit.

What is a Windowpane Suit


Windowpane pattern is a bold option no doubt, often consider, as a hit or miss thing. You have to adorn it gracefully otherwise, it will make it look that you are playing office in your Grandpa’s old suit. This pattern is characterized by Stripes in the Windowpane pattern and creates checks that are apart from each other and gives an appealing look of checkerboard altogether. This pattern is undoubtedly flamboyant and quite flashy too, you need a bit extra confident to wear a windowpane suit because so many staring eyes will follow when you walk down the streets! Blue windowpane suit or grey windowpane suit are very common color variations. Both single breasted and double breasted windowpane suit ideal for stuning look.

Men’s Herringbone Suit


Herringbone is clearly one of the best pattern to be worn in chilly seasons. The fascinating arrow shaped pattern is usually found in heavy material like tweed and flannel. Just like Glen check suit herringbone texture also creates extra bit bulky look that makes it an ideal choice for thinner guys. Another good thing about herringbone suit is that it looks good with almost every kind of shoes, shirts, and ties (accessories). Make sure that your accessories aren’t carrying herringbone pattern as it will give you an over flashy looks. Again the solid colors grey herringbone suits and blue herringbone suits are the most famous.

Mens Houndstooth Suit Pattern


The Houndstooth is a flashy duotone pattern that is generally famous with the name dogstooth, and we’d like to share the history behind that. This pattern is created with four pointed shape which looks very similar to tear that could’ve occurred in a result of Dog’s bite. It mostly comes in in black and white color, but also has different color variations. Houndstooth is one the few versatile kind of suit pattern that offers you a lot of presence and attention. It is also proving to be a versatile option, as you can wear a houndstooth suit with different style accessories.

Nailhead Suit Pattern


What is nailhead suit? a very subtle kind of pattern that not so easy to examine as it is characterized by the appearance of a little dots or nailheads in the solid background. The unique geometric style pattern and closely spaced regular intervals make the back color more visible and overshadowing the pinheads in the foreground. The nailhead suits seem very similar to the bird’s eye that results in a confusion for some guys. The major difference between the two patterns is that the nail head pattern suit has the tiny dotted texture on the diagonal orientation. To bring more dominance you can go with the nailhead patterned shirt or tie with it.

Birdseye Pattern Suit

Birdseye Suit

Birdseye suit pattern is yet another subtle and unique one that appear solid texture from a distance just like nailhead suit, but it is also characterized by a little dots. The bird’s eye pattern got the distinctive and large round dots on a layout of diagonal shape. If you are looking for a timeless pattern then the blue birdseye suit, brown, or charcoal birdseye suits are the best to go with because it works as a regular office wearer as well.

What is a Seersucker Suit


The seersucker is generally a closely spaced stripes pattern, but few mens seersucker suits can be found in checks too. This pattern is not only used for gentlemen suits but also in a different variety of clothes including shorts and shirts because it is usually worn in spring and summer seasons. Blue seersucker suit and white seersucker suit are its most common color variations, but you can also pick light tone colors to add more twist to your semi-formal look.

This concludes our first article, there are lots of other suit patterns but those aren’t as common in the suits, particularly the one carried by the true gentlemen. Hope you’ve got something out of this patterned guide, and if you really did then don’t forget to share your opinions! We want to hear from you, which suit pattern do you like most? 🙂

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