8 Easy Ways To Newt Scamander Costume From Fantastic Beasts

The author of the memorable Harry Potter series, J.K Rowling, is back again with her new venture of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. It’s a divergent one in which Eddie Redmayne possesses the role of Newt Scamander. He is a magizoologist, who loves to discover about magical creatures like mythical animals. This divergent character, like Harry Potter, is loved by young adults and children’s who wanted to wear Newt Scamander outfit to look exactly like him. Here we present for you the epic costume guide of Newt Scamander to look mythical like him.

Newt Scamander Coat
Newt Scamander Coat (Product Page)

This navy blue Fantastic Beasts Newt Scamander Coat is a unique one which gives Newt an amazing look in a magizoologist outfit. The perfect shades of Newt coat together with the classy design makes you look the distinctive one and provides you with the killer appearance. This Eddie Redmayne coat has a comfortable inner viscose lining in conjunction with the open hem cuffs which makes you look entirely flawless. You can wear this Newt Scamander jacket and Halloween as well.

Newt Scamander Wand
Newt Scamander Wand (Product Page)

One of the most crucial thing that you would need for your Newt Scamander cosplay is the Fantastic Beasts wand. This wand goes perfectly with your Newt costume, and you can also apply magical tricks by using this wand. This is the actual wand which was in the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them completes your Zoologist costume.

Fantastic Beasts Shirt
Fantastic Beasts Shirt (Product Page)

Another part of your magical costume is the white colored shirt in which Newt looks extremely handsome in the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them. You can wear this shirt in cosplay parties as well as casually on your daily wear outfits.

Newt Scamander Scarf
Newt Scamander Scarf (Product Page)

The most important accessory of Eddie Redmayne Newt outfit is his scarf. If you missed wearing this exclusive scarf, then you would for sure not look like him. This scarf perfectly goes with your Zoologist clothes and is made of high-quality material. You can wear it on themed cosplay parties and your daily outfits as well.

Newt Scamander Suitcase
Newt Scamander Suitcase (Product Page)

Although this Newt Scamander briefcase is the prop of this magical boy outfit, it is immensely important for you to carry it with yourself as a part of your cosplay. This brown colored Newt Scamander case is a perfect prop for your Fantastic Beasts costume.

Newt Scamander Vest
Newt Scamander Vest (Product Page)

Besides Mr. Scamander costume trenchcoat, this enthralling Fantastic Beasts cotton vest is another thing which you need to complete your Newt suit. This attractive coat is featured and designed accurately for your Fantastic Beasts clothing. This high-quality vest can be attired on cosplay events and Halloween. You can also wear as a part of your daily outfit.

Newt Scamander Bow Tie
Newt Scamander Bow Tie (Product Page)

Your classy outfit is incomplete without these attractive bow ties. This Newt black bow tie makes you look distinctive and goes perfectly with your navy blue coat. Together with this it also gives a stylish look to the persona to the wearer.

Fantastic Footwear
Fantastic Footwear (Product Page)

Without the inclusion of Newts Scamander boots, your perfect appearance and your Newt Scamander cosplay are incomplete. These brown Newt Scamander shoes match your vest and add more attractiveness to your outfit.

This is the end towards Newt Scamander costume guide. It would be honored if you comment below about our Newt Scamander costume guide and if you did not like it then no issues you can also read our comprehensive guide on different Harry Potter Costumes from the famous wizarding movie series.

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