Power Puff Girls Costume Guide 


The amazing 90’s cartoon series includes three girls Blossom (pink), Bubbles (blue), and Buttercup (green) along with their father, the clever scientist Professor Utonium. Yes, we are talking about the popular animated series of all times “The Power Puff Girls.” It’s the American animated TV arrangement for Cartoon Network. The show is hit due to three girls who possess superpowers. Professor Utonium created the Girls. In the attempt to create “perfect little girls” using the ingredients sugar, spice and everything good. But by-mistakenly he spilled a secret substance called “Chemical X” giving every one of the three superpowers. Cartoon series offers a beautiful sketch of the three Girls’ identities: Blossom, authority and the pioneer. Bubbles, she is the delight and the giggling. Buttercup, she is the hardest warrior. Their look was more ideal to that of real girls. The Power Puff Girls were simply adorable and master minded. The characters with the cute and amazing outfit made ladies, and especially young girls attracted towards Powerpuff girls Halloween costumes. Follow the below instructed DIY Powerpuff girls costumes guide which would make you look awesome.

DIY Blossom Powerpuff Girl Costumes (Product Page)

To look like the stunning Powerpuff girls, you need to follow this Powerpuff girl’s outfit’s guide exactly. Let’s start with Powerpuff girls Blossom costume guide with this charming pink Blossom Powerpuff girls costume dress. This Blossom Powerpuff costume includes sash belt with is adjustable one for your comfort. It also includes Blossom Powerpuff cosplay red wig and glasses.

Powerpuff Girls Cosplay Wig
Powerpuff Girls Cosplay Wig (Product Page)

For PPG cosplay the next thing which you need is the red Powerpuff dresses wig. If you have dissimilar hairs than Blossom then rather than going to parlor you should try this easy DIY Power Puff girl’s costumes wig. This Powerpuff girl cosplay wig is the stylish one and will make you look exactly like Blossom.

Powerpuff Cosplay Red Bow-Knot
Powerpuff Cosplay Red Bow-Knot (Product Page)

Without this Powerpuff girl costumes red bow-knot your Powerpuff girl costume DIY is incomplete. This Powerpuff girl dress bow-knot makes you look amazing and you can wear Powerpuff girls costume on costume parties and Halloween.

Bubbles Powerpuff Girls Costume
Bubbles Powerpuff Girls Costume (Product Page)

Bubble is a pretty girl and sensitive as well. Sugar is her personality ingredient and her signature is blue color and there are few requirements for completing DIY Bubble costume. It includes Bubble’s cosplay dress, Bubble’s dress belt, glasses and wig. Get attired like her in Powerpuff girls Bubbles costumes this Halloween and look the most amazing one.

Bubble Halloween Costume Wig
Bubble Halloween Costume Wig (Product Page)

The above displayed blonde color DIY Bubbles costume wig is made up of a high-quality material which you can wear on Comic-cons, Costume parties and as a part of your daily outfit as well.

Powerpuff Girls Buttercup costumes
 Powerpuff Girls Buttercup costumes (Product Page)

Now is the turn to meet the spice girl, Buttercup, whose personality color is green. The above shown Buttercup Powerpuff costume is best for last minute costume. It include Powerpuff girls buttercup costume bob wig, dress, elastic belt, and see through glasses. This is a complete set which completes your Buttercup Powerpuff girl’s costume DIY.

Powerpuff Girls Halloween Wig
Powerpuff Girls Halloween Wig (Product Page)

This is the stylish Power Puff girl Halloween wig which would make you look gorgeous. You can wear Buttercup Powerpuff girl costumes DIY wig on Halloween and other events and casually as well.

Buttercup Cosplay Dress
Buttercup Cosplay Dress (Product Page)

Wear the above-displayed Buttercup dress to look exactly like her. Buttercup Powerpuff girls costume DIY dress is made up of a high-quality material which would make you look exactly like her

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