6 Easy Steps To Get Your Cassian Andor Costume Ready


Captain Cassian Andor is one of the popular characters of Star Wars. Captain Cassian Andor served as the male captain and intelligence officers In the Alliance to Restore, a branch of republic’s intelligence. A web of approach was maintained by him via the galaxy which kept him informed about the Galactic Empire. Andor has confronted the security droid and then amended him to serve the Alliance. He is the zealous person and loves to play with risks. Our experts have designed the best Columbia Star Wars costume replica to make you look like your esteemed character.  So guys seize the opportunity and look exactly like Captain Andor.


Christian Slater Mr Robot Jacket (Product Page)

Columbia rogue one jacket is made up of cotton, and this Star Wars Ski Jacket comprises of inner viscose lining making it entirely comfortable for you. Its maroon color makes you look attractive. One of the most influenced parts of this Star Wars Rebel jacket is that it is light weighted and simple. This rogue one jacket is the most preferred one because of it is the replica of Cassian Andor jacket. Cassian Andor looks charming in this rebel jacket Star Wars is that it consists two chest pockets and a front zip closure. After buying this Cassian Andor coat, you’ll surely possess the heroic looks and will look handsome like Columbia Rogue One.

Star Wars Andor Parka (Product Page)

Here is another Star Wars Rogue One from the popular movie Rogue One. This blue nylon jacket has added the charm to the look of Star Wars Columbia. This Jacket is one the most wanted and the trending one amongst all the Rogue one jackets. The Inner viscose lining pretends for you ease together with the internal pockets for keeping your precious things safely. The jacket includes shearling fur which outstanding for winter. You can wear this Columbia Rogue one jacket in all cosplay parties and Halloween as well.

Andor Brown Pants (Product Page)

This is worn by Captain Cassian, and it is the most complacent pant which you can wear as a part of your daily outfit as it is well-known for its simplicity or in cosplay parties regarding Cassian Rouge One to look exactly like him. This pant is the exact replica of Cassian Andor Costume and built up of high-quality material.

Rogue One Gloves (Product Page)

These ultimate Cassian gloves are the most spontaneous and smoother giving you a comfortable feel. Cassian Ando wore these gloves in his movie. These are the most flexible gloves which you can wear on events especially like charismas and daily basis as well while handling with microwave or any heat. For your feasibility, these gloves are made up of high-quality material and are tenacious.



Brown Leather Belt (Product Page)

Star Wars Cassian Andor wore this belt in his film series Rogue One. It has been made from high-quality leather with a perforated tip which can be worn on a daily basis to fit you all the day. If you want, then you can wash this belt with your hands to remove the dust

Leather Waterproof Boots (Product Page)

Want to have same shoes like Rogue One Captain Cassian? If yes, then buy the above Rogue Cosplay boots immediately. These are the high-quality leather shoes comprising the upper lace up with front metal eyelets. These snug shoes are worthy of you for casual as well as party use. These Rogue One Cassian shoes comprise of an inside sole which makes you feel better when you wear it. One of the most influenced things about these shoes is that these shoes are stylish along with its leather being waterproof so whenever you need you can wash them and make them new as they were in the beginning.

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