Your Ultimate Guide to Conquer Princess Leia Costume


Princess Leia is one of the amazing characters of Star Wars without which Star Wars would never be successful. Her character was introduced in Star Wars franchise in 1977 where she was shown as the princess of Alderaan. She is also an Imperial Senate and agent of Rebel Alliance. Leia falls in love with Han Solo in 1980 and 1983 Star Wars; she told that she’s the daughter of Vader and twin sister of Skywalker. In TFA, she played the role of general and fought against her son Ben (Kylo Ren). Princess Leia Costume DIY varies, but two of them are still bragging up and is the first choice of many of her fans. The love life of Han Solo has returned with all new Princess Leia costumes, other than that full white gown type and the slave costume that everybody found her sexy in.  Now in Episode VII, she introduced this new look, that appears to be more of an informal type, but approachable for the ladies to try. Here are few steps below to create the new version of Princess Leia outfits which is one of the Star Wars Costumes.

Princess Leia Slave Costume
Princess Leia Slave Costume (Product Page)

This is, of course, a sexy attire for you. She wore this costume in Return of the Jedi movie. Many people wore this Princess Leia bikini cosplay on Halloween or costume parties and Comic-cons. This slave Leia cosplay is going to make you win the evening. Slave Leia costume package comes in 5 pieces including the skirt with an elastic waist to hold, bra and plastic equipment and jewelry.

Slave Leia Wig
Slave Leia Wig  (Product Page)

Princess Leia slave wig is an immense part of your Princess Leia slave outfit. Princess Leia slave costume wig style is also popular as Egyptian hairstyle. The fake hair is very well made of high-quality material that gives a look of Princess Leia dress costume.

Leia Slave Outfits Boots
Slave Leia Cosplay Shoes (Product Page)

Leia is a smart and fancy lady. Her love for good things is shown here with shoes of her perfect choice. Now is an excellent opportunity to get these amazing Princess Leia cosplay shoes that will make you the sweetheart of the night.

Princess Leia Costumes Adults
Princess Leia Costumes Adults  (Product Page)

Let’s start with Adult Princess Leia Costume body; the complete Princess Leia jumpsuit is in white color. This is the same outfit that you see in Star Wars. Here, this package includes the Princess Leia belt DIY, Princess Leia white jumpsuit, and the Leia wig. Leia Slave suit is made of high-quality material for you. The belt and all the gadgets will come in a stunning packing, and you just have to take it out, wear it and show the world your beauty as Princess.

Child Princess Leia Costumes
Child Princess Leia Costumes (Product Page)

This gear is not only for the girls only. Princess Leia, Child costumes version, is also available here with us. This includes DIY Princess Leia costume jumpsuit, wig, and belt. Princess Leia costume child is made up of a top class material which would keep your child comfortable.

Princess Leia Boots
Princess Leia Boots  (Product Page)

To combine with Princess Leia costume child, you have to get Princess Leia white boots which are knee high and gives you a fantastic look. This pair of boots is perfect for wearing as cosplay not only with Princess Leia dress DIY but with other outfits as well. These Boots are snug-soled for your comfort. It has a complete zipping function that makes it complacent shoes to attire.

Princess Leia Blaster Pistol
Princess Leia Blaster Pistol  (Product Page)

This is the last prop that you will require to have to complete your star wars Princess Leia outfits. Being Han Solo’s girlfriend and live without a Blaster is not a preferable thing. Like Han Solo, she uses to have a white blaster with her that she uses as a safety from the threats coming towards her and her galaxy.

Princess Leia Slave Cosplay Jump Suit
Princess Leia Slave Cosplay Jump Suit  (Product Page)

Leia embellished this beautiful cosplay Leia jumpsuit and escaped the base in Han’s ship. This suit soon became the symbol of Leia’s bravery. Many of her female fans still wear this suit to boost up their courage. The all-white suit can be used for multiple cosplays.

Leia Slave Outfits Boots  (Product Page)

The last item that you need to complete your sexy slave Leia outfit is this Slave Boots that are made of best material and quality. This pair of shoes is the same like Princess wore in the movie. You will look attractive while wearing this sexy Princess Leia cosplay.


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