DMC Dante Trench Coat

$249.00 $135.00

Product Specifications:

  • V-Neck Style
  • Screen Accurate Angle Wings
  • Four Button Fastening Closure
  • Lace-up style on both sides
  • Dual Waist Pockets

DMC 5 Dante Devil May Cry Jacket

Video games are becoming a source of inspiration in the recent past just like the movies for all fashion geeks to inspire any exceptional style and replicate that in real life. Movie Clothiers brought this DMC Dante coat from action-packed video game series Devil May Cry in the primary protagonist character of Dante attired this red coat in the fifth installment of the series.

This Devil May Cry Dante jacket is recreated using a premium quality material, screen accurate looks, and timeless features including broad lapel, hooded style, a button fastening, and open hem cuffs. Shop this Devil May Cry coat and give yourself the best shot



1 - 5
He Loved this DMC Coat

I searched for nearly an hour before finally giving a shot to Movieclotheirs.com for my boyfriend. It arrived in 2 weeks after ordering and had a great look that surprised him. He looks awesome in the DMC coat. I don’t know much about fabric quality, but its soft and quite comfortable to wear.

Highly recommendable for any cosplayer

Awesome purchase, ordered this as a last minute costume for Halloween party and it came out as a great decision. Wasn’t expecting that good quality, but yes it blown away in every way. Highly recommendable for any cosplayer.

Four Stars

Really like the coat, but it had a smell don’t know what it was about, May be a leather but i didn’t like it much and took it to the cleaners before wearing. Seems a good replica overall, decent quality, details, and free shipping too.

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