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Product Specifications:

  • Notched Lapel Collar
  • Two-Button Fastening Closure
  • One Ticket Pocket & Dual Waist Pockets
  • Long Sleeves With Four-Button Cuffs
  • Dual Side Vents on Jacket
  • V-Neck Style Vest With 5-Button Fastening
  • Dual Waist Pockets on Vest
  • Flat Front Trousers
  • Hook and Bar Fastening Closure
  • Two Side & Two Back Trousers Pockets
  • Comfortable Lining Throughout


What style? Italian .. How many buttons? Two .. and trousers? Tapered .. How about the lining .. Tactical. It’s impossible if you love watching action movies and haven’t heard of these iconic lines unless you have been living under a rock. John Wick is one of the most badass action series in recent times thanks to the stellar performances, breathtaking action sequences, and amazing cinematography. One thing that stands out other than the thrilling action scenes is his John Wick fashion and impeccable sense of style. Now that four films into the franchise after the recent release of Chapter 4 we have seen that the love of John Wick for suits is nothing less than his love for dogs, despite the nail-biting action and violence Keanu Reeves always looked nothing less than a style icon on the big screens. If you have watched James Bond movies then you will be aware of his sophisticated pieces of tailoring to the big screens over the years which isn’t easy for most characters in the films but that’s not the case for wicks assassin portrayal who took his iconic style to the extent that eventually became inspiration for many.

Complete Breakdown of John Wick Costume: 

To replicate his looks with perfection one has to know everything about his suits and outfits. Every piece of John Wick clothing is form-fitted and tailored with an eye for every detail. We have further shared the details of his attire below. 

The Jacket: 

The heartthrob assassin prefers wearing a single-breasted coat with notched lapel collars, classic dual waist flap pockets, and two button closures. Other than the style statement this Keanu Reeves John wick suits also had various functionalities for his physical demands including higher armholes and dual rear vents which allowed him to move freely and hunt down his enemies. 

The Pants:

John loves keeping this simple for himself and complicated for his rivals, this simplicity theme continues on his trousers after the jacket. His pants features include Italian cut flat front style, and tapered legs without pleats and cuffs. Keanu Reeves suit pants rise has been given special attention for movement with ease while slaughtering his enemies. 

John Wick Dress Shirts:

Wick mostly wears amazingly well-fit dress shirts with his dark-tone suits, he dons white, grey, and black color shirts with his suits except for the first installment of John Wick attire where we saw him wearing a black turtleneck underneath for a more casual and relaxed look when wasn’t in a spirit of intense action.


In the various iconic action thriller moments of the series, we have seen John Wick vest not only served the purpose of protecting him with armor but also added a sleek flour to his dazzling appearance.

John Wick Accessories:

The costume designer of the series Luca Mosca once said he wanted the John Wick outfits to be simple and clean so that accessories like ties or cufflinks would pop up and grab the eyeballs. The accessories include French John wick cufflinks, black calfskin shoes and socks, a leather belt, a Carl F. Bucherer Manero AutoDate timepiece, and a tie bar to keep his neckwear while slaying the bad guys.

John Wicks Suit Fit & Fabric

It is not just the dark tone that makes the suits prominent but also the fit. Neither John Wick nor the costume designer Luca can overlook fit as the important detail of the suit especially when you are Baba Yoga who loves to involve himself in the action-packed sequences. The costume designer tailored a custom-made suit for Keanu Reeves to allow maximum body movement for him because we all know how much Keenu loves doing his stunts. John Wick, being nothing less than a fashion icon, needs a fabric that serves the purpose of his classic lifestyle while blending himself into the Assassin world like the well-dressed man in the public. He chose to wear special woven fabric material that allows natural stretch for comfort during excessive physical movement and also adds a sleek look to the outlook overall.

During 4 successful movies of the franchise, we have seen various Luca Mosca John Wick suit styles from casual to business and business professional suits where he was given a job to slaughter the bad guys. Here we are going to break down Keanu Reeves clothing style you should know.

John Wick all black suit:

The retired Assassin who came out for the sake of revenge looked nothing less than an angel of death while donning all black suit. Arguably one of the best his choice of suits and accessories together and featured in a few renowned sequences like the concert scene from chapter 02. The John Wick black suit features single-breasted notched lapels, dual fastening front closure, roped sleeve heads, and two back vents that allow him to access his weapon underneath. This John Wick 2 suit paired with a black shirt and charcoal almost black tie in different parts of the series. Now there are some interesting fan theories that Wick wears black on black when he works as a Yoga Baba and being hired to do that job whereas he prefers a white shirt when he chooses to do the killings for his personal motives, sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Classic White Shirt and Black John Wick Suit:

We have seen different movie characters of detective or spy like James Bond going for a classic suit as a clothing option but why does John Wick wear a suit? Have you ever wondered why he even wears a suit during his mission of hunting down guys? The movie pretty much answers these questions. A classic three-piece suit helps him blend in a high-class or formal gatherings he was assigned to for a mission, and wearing a jeans and T-shirt will make him stand out in these formal events. Another reason is the protection, as the suit not only offers him a fashion choice but also serves the armor option with bulletproof suit technology and the vest we have seen him wearing during combat scenes. Keanu Reeves wore the black dress shirt under the two-piece suit most of the time until 4th chapter where we finally saw him doing it with a three-piece suit when Bowery King gave this 3 piece suit to him.

John Wick Turtleneck Suit:

The only time we see John wearing a Turtleneck underneath his suit is in the first installment of the series Chapter 1. The suit appears to be charcoal grey, maybe because the scene was shot in the daylight. The promotional images of the film just before its release show him wearing a turtleneck during an action scene but the actual film didn’t show much of his turtleneck suit look. This John Wick grey suit represents the casual, more relaxed John Wick look when he is not involved in intense violent scenes. This Keanu Reeves outfits has the same features as his previous suits including a two-button front which he rarely fastens, roped sleeve heads, dual vents, and Italian cut throughout. 


Some scenes in the series where John Wick talks about his suit become memorable for his fans including the scene from the second chapter in which the customer designer Luca himself portrayed as the Italian tailor asks Wick about his preference for the suit and another iconic suit scene featured in the fourth chapter where Bowrey King the head of underwood intelligence offers a 42 regular suit to the lead actor and describing how well this suit will serve him for all formal occasion whether it’s weddings or funerals. 

Giving attention to every detail with perfection made John Wick the Modern-day hero and a fashion icon for all the viewers. The suits are designed in a way to make him appear as the most dangerous yet elegant at the same time. If you truly want to know how to dress like John wick? then remember that it’s not just about the suit but the confidence you need while wearing it. It’s not about the clothing but more importantly the grace and confidence in the way he carries himself. So if you are looking to invest in the right suit, keep in mind that the most expensive suit might not give you the look if it does not fit right. Here at Movie Clothiers, we aim to offer you the best fit other than the exceptional quality fabric so you can move with ease and replicate the charisma of the badass assassin don’t miss the John Wick suit for sale at a discount price with premium service.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for John Wick Suit

  1. Daniel Criddle

    I am one of the guys who wear suits for work every day and have mostly custom made suits due to my height, long arms and body type. I have to say, I am very impressed with the cut of this suit, it fits me perfectly.I wasn’t expecting a quality I received for the price, don’t expect $2K quality material but it feels like $600 suit for sure. Pretty good deal.

  2. Travis

    The suit looks awesome and fits perfectly. I had some questions after I made the purchase and support team responded immediately, they were cordial and professional. I highly recommend this store and suit to anyone who is looking for a nice sharp suit. I am wearing this suit for my friend’s wedding!

  3. Robert S. Jason

    Fits great, looks sharp, and most importantly very wearable. I buy a lot of suiting stuff, for better or for worse, and this is right in line with their amazing quality and style, which is far better than some expenses brands. I will definitely come again to check out some new stuff.

  4. Donald Beebe

    A nice tailored custom-fit suit! Fabric is decent quality not too good or bad. Shipping took two weeks. Overall this suit is a good deal for $149.

  5. Sheryl Lewis

    Ordered this for my Husband – arrived way before expected, great fit and modern cut. The only issue with the suit was the wrinkles and needed to dry clean before wearing. We both really like the quality of the fabric too. Will likely to buy one more!

  6. barbara

    Bought this for my 15-year-old son, he is a big John Wick fan. I was hoping that he’ll like the suit but he ended up actually loving it. I am very impressed with the quality and everything. I definitely recommend one!

  7. Richard B. Schaefer

    To be honest I don’t usually write a product review but I had to write this amazing suit. I ordered the suit for my son’s prom event, he has a slim body and a bit long arms that’s why I was looking for a custom made suit and found this website. They didn’t charge anything additional for customizing the suit, the quality of the fabric is beyond expectation. The only adjustment we had to make was regarding the hem of the trousers. If you are looking for a sharp suit at a reasonable price then this is a good option.

  8. Dirk Müller

    I needed a suit for my brother’s wedding without breaking the bank. Looking for the cheap options on Facebook and Google and ended up here. I saw the price and ordered it right away, I am not disappointed after receving the suit, the color fit and quality is good enough. Although I have to mention here that the quality of the fabric is incomparable to the expensive branded suits, but it’s still a good option if you don’t wear suits much often just like me.

  9. Faith

    I purchased this suit for my husband as a gift who works in a financial institution. It’s a good package overall, decent fit and good value of the price. I’d recommend this suit to others.

  10. Jude Williamson

    I wear suits every day for my work that’s why I have a good experience of buying online suits. I mostly prefer made to measure suits due to my height and a bit unusual body type. I was Looking for a three piece black suit and ordered from for the first time. My experience is good, very impressed with the modern cut and fit. The only issue I found that some parts of the suits including shoulders size, crotch size varies from the size I’ve provided so you need to make sure and recheck regarding the size of MTM suit. Everything else is good and there are no complaints

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